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As a renowned brand, OLEDONE takes immense pride in delivering exceptional products that resonate with our customers. Oledone LED lights are dedicated to a variety of complex operational scenarios.



Forza WD-6L60 High-Performance Work Light


Good quality lamps can help staff to improve the safety and productivity of their operations. All the major manufacturers have ordered this product with us. Our flagship product, the Forza WD-6L60 High-Performance Work Light, has recently been recognized by Profi Magazine as an exemplary representation of excellence in its industry.


Profi Magazine


The Forza Work Light’s outstanding performance and unparalleled quality have earned the trust and positive word-of-mouth from our valued customers, a result of years of dedication and refinement. We are deeply committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives, and our relentless pursuit of low power consumption and robust build aligns with your values. We would love to hear your valuable suggestions and feedback, as we believe that collaboration leads to continuous growth and improvement.



We are committed to the vehicles LED market and endeavor to develop the worldwide market for lamps and luminaires, providing long-term support for creativity and lighting. Welcome to contact us by below Email address/Phone.





Article on Profi website:
“Work lights: Let there be more light”
May 31, 2023
Link: https://www.profi.co.uk/test-centre/work-lights-let-there-be-more-light/


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